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In the “Soya Expert Meeting” entitled “Focusing on strategies to optimize soy nutrition”, which was organized by the DONAU SOJA association, held on June 13, different organizations attended: as speakers, companies in the inoculant sector and , as attendees to the event, diverse associations ranging from seed producing companies to final crop processing companies and distributors and other related companies.

Rafael Nardini, from STOLLER BRASIL, on behalf of STOLLER EUROPE, was in charge of giving the presentation entitled “Integrated STOLLER solutions to improve the performance of soybeans”.

Rafael Nardini contributed very interesting data, of which no one had spoken about so far, and which was very important:

The nodules responsible for fixing the nitrogen located in the main root are ten times more efficient  in nitrogen absorption than the nodules in secondary roots.

The Cobalt and Molybdenum provided in certain formulations are essential to facilitate greater nitrogen fixation by the symbiotic bacteria.

In addition to highlighting the products MASTERFIX L PREMIER and CoMo PLATINUM, Rafael Nardini also highlighted the importance of SUGAR MOVER, in a certain phase of the crop, if high yields are to be achieved.

Attendees at the event applauded Rafael Nardini’s speech as he had met expectations, given the high anticipation created by the presence of a Brazilian technician at the meeting.


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