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In line with the vision of the future designed in the Stoller Strategic Plan, I want to communicate important changes in our global structure.

To strengthen the Stoller Group towards the planned growth objectives and to support synergy between different areas and regions, we have created the position of Global COO (Chief Operating Officer).

It is my pleasure to announce that Rodrigo Oliveira, current Vice President of Subsidiaries for MSAO, has been appointed the role of Global COO effective immediately. In this position, Rodrigo will lead the team of Regional Vice Presidents of Subsidiaries as well as Global Regulatory, led by Dawn Robertson, Global Operations (Open Position) and Global Commercial Excellence, led by Marco Guirado.

Additionally, we are making adjustments in our regional structures, which will be configured as follows effective immediately:

  • USCA REGION (USCA and Central America): This new regional will be led by the Vice President of Subsidiaries, Greg Warren, who will remain responsible for the following subsidiaries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America & Caribbean. All General Managers located in these subsidiaries will continue to report directly to Greg.
  •  LATAM REGION (LATIN AMERICA): I am pleased to announce that this new region will be led by Tiago Gontijo, who is appointed the position of Vice President of Subsidiaries. Tiago will be responsible for the following active markets and subsidiaries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.
  •  With this change, as of March 1, 2022, Ignacio Moyano will be appointed the position of General Manager of Brazil, leaving his position in Argentina.
  •  ASIA PACIFIC (Asia and Oceania): This new region will continue to be led directly by Rodrigo Oliveira and will correspond to the following subsidiaries: Australia, China, Philippines, India and Singapore. All General Managers located in these subsidiaries will continue to report directly to Rodrigo.
  • EMEA REGION (Europe, Middle-East and Africa): EMEA will remain led by the Vice President of Subsidiaries, Sergio Aguilar, responsible for the following subsidiaries and developing markets: Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Africa and Africa. All General Managers located in these subsidiaries will continue to report directly to Sergio.

For the position changes, there will be a period of transition to ensure responsibilities are appropriately managed.

We hope that these changes will maximize the synergies between different areas and regions of the Stoller Group, promoting significant advances towards our future goals and strengthening us as one great Stoller.

Best regards,

Guillermo de la Borda
President /CEO
Stoller Group


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Telf. / Fax: (+1) 713 461 1493