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Innovation and Knowledge
“We are dedicated to helping growers understand and naturally enhance the genetic potential of plants.” Jerry Stoller

The main objective for Stoller Group is the research and development of products and technologies in order to maximize the genetic expression of plants.
We are worldwide leaders in terms of physiological products by being pioneers in developing new products based on plants behavior control.

History of R&D within the Company:

  • In 70’s the Stoller Group was born and quickly became a leader company
    regarding plant nutrition.
  • Along 80’s most of our Research was focused on understanding nutritional
    deficiencies and their impact on key moments for plant production. Stoller
    brought to the market some of the most advanced chelated microelements.
  • In 1990, through our research and development spirit, the company
    expanded into the area of vegetal hormones and their combination with all
    nutrients to increase disease resistance.
  • Along 90’s we became the multinational company focused on plant
    physiology. We were the pioneers in physiological management of crops.
  • Since 2000 Stoller Group specialized in modern bioregulators and organic
    innoculants, we focused our research and development on biologicals.
  • Today Stoller Group has several patents all over the world for unique
    products. There are 15 Ph.D. working for Stoller who are running around
    350 trial programs in some of the main universities in all over the world.

Telf. / Fax: (+1) 713 461 1493