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Global Communications Meeting in EEUU

3-6 September 2019

The Global Communications Meeting took place at the headquarters of Stoller Group located in Houston, Texas.

During the four days of the meeting, the participants addressed different topics, shared ideas, knowledge, experiences, concerns and established the general guidelines to follow in terms of Global Corporate Communication in 2020.

Those attending the meeting were: Vicky Viera of Stoller Argentina, Sergio Mariuzzo of Stoller Brazil, Senti Bernabeu of Stoller Europe, Dale Hanke and Xochilt Cruz of Stoller USA.


Training for Trainers in Argentina

17-21 September 2018

Members of the technical departments of Stoller subsidiaries from Europe, Central and South America participated in the Training For Trainers event held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event is aimed to further stimulate knowledge and shared experience in numerous crops as well as provide Dale Carnegie Training to the different team members.

Stoller Group Controller’s Meeting in EEUU

August 2018

As every year in middle August, all the controllers from Stoller Group got together in Houston (EEUU) in order to share knowledge, experiences and every information that can be helpful for the team. The Corporate provided these days the guiding principles to follow in 2019.

Stoller Group Strategic Committee Meeting in EEUU

9-13 July 2018

The Stoller Company’s Strategic Committee met once again at its headquarters in Houston.

The Strategic Plan for the coming years is being prepared through a detailed process and considering all market variables. In 2019 the Stoller company will begin to implement a Strategic Plan that will make it the leading company in growth and benefits of the sector.

Stoller Group Strategic Committee Meeting in Peru

28 May-1 June 2018

The Strategic Committee of Stoller Group met in Lima (Peru).

Stoller Group is always growing and this dynamic growth needs to be done following a well-organized plan. Along 2018 the Strategic Committee will continue meeting for studying and designing the Strategic Business Plan for the whole Group which will be key for the great success expected within the next 3 to 5 years.

Stoller Group HHRR Meeting in Argentina

12-16 March 2018

HR managers participated in a training program that took place in Argentina belonging to different Stoller Group subsidiaries, including Stoller Argentina, Stoller Perú, Stoller Chile, Stoller Colombia and Stoller Europe.

The aim of this program has been to align criteria and establish common practices in the field of HR. A very complete week that will surely be a great boost in improving the management and development of people in Stoller.

Telf. / Fax: (+1) 713 461 1493