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After two decades working in the country, and with a production plant in Cordoba, Stoller strengthens its bonds with the field offering an interesting variety of products.

Stoller, a US/American company, was founded in 1970 and from its beginnings, it has focused on plant nutrition. The headquarters are in Houston, Texas, where fertilizers are produced based on high knowledge about plant physiology shared by its founder, Jerry Stoller. Stoller’s knowledge has been the reason why the practical applications of its products result in solutions to several problems that occur in different crops, both field and intensive crops.

In Argentina, the offices and production plant, with a surface area of 3,400 mts2, are located in Cordoba province. The 1,200,000 L formula plant has a storage capacity of 2,500 mts2. Stoller, committed to meeting all quality processes, complies with the following international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Now, the staff has reached 60 employees, including front and back office.

The firm is present in Cuyo, north-west, north-east, Cordoba, Buenos Aires and La Pampa regions. The portfolio consists of biological, nutritional and physiological products that make up a variety of 50 products for different crops and needs.

With regards to research, during its 20 years, Stoller has had agreements with national and private universities, in addition to the main technical experts of the country who advise and test a wide range of products.

From its origins, the Stoller mission has been to create exceptional value through innovation and knowledge arising from research and experiences in almost all global crops, for all people involved in Stoller activity. The vision is to be the Agricultural Science leader by empowering people to improve their lives.



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