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On Monday 15th of January started the Stoller International Associates Conference. 2018 is a special year for this event as it is its 25th Anniversary.

The Stoller International Associates Conference will help attendants to learn the latest updates on our three main pillars: Plant Physiology, Plant Nutrition and Biological Solutions. Today only Stoller is combining these three key tools for achieving EXCELLENCE in crop management.

As usual, this year the quality of the presentations is at the highest level and the whole event has carefully been organized in order to allow the KNOWLEDGE sharing to become the authentic protagonist.

More than 100 PEOPLE from all around the world will be attending conference sessions and evening workshops for three days. Conferences will be attended by PhDs, agronomists, agricultural advisors, advanced farmers, scientists and CUSTOMERS who want to share all their experiences on improving crop management and their yields.

First session was presented by Dr. Ron Salzman who opened a session where INNOVATION in Plant Physiology, Plant Nutrition and Biological Solutions was always present.

In addition, during the celebration of the 25th Annual Stoller International Associates Conference, the Marketing Director of Stoller Turkey Dr. Canan Yilmaz introduced the Stoller Academy project to the whole Stoller Group.

Stoller Academy is an open platform which empowers people with knowledge ant its objective is to provide people with opportunities of personal and professional growth through different online and offline training programs.


Know more about Stoller Academy here:

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Telf. / Fax: (+1) 713 461 1493